Top 30 companies of Germany in the DAX index 2019

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The largest companies in Germany greatly influence the country and world economy. The top 30 publicly traded companies of Germany, that make up the DAX index, are presented here together with their activities, logos, sectors and useful links.

365体育登录In Germany, companies generally become Aktiengesellschaft, abbreviated AG, meaning corporation limited by share ownership, or Societas Europaea, abbreviated SE, to get listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse). Even though they must follow the rules of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), companies that become publicly listed can then gain access to capital from investors who buy shares.

The DAX Index

365体育登录To facilitate the comprehension of the evolution of the German stock market and the broader economy, the stocks of the 30 largest companies by market capitalization are aggregated in the Deutscher Aktienindex, or DAX, which is the blue-chip stock market index of Germany.

Evolution of the DAX index over 5 years
Evolution of the DAX index over 5 years (Image: Google Finance)

The real-time quotation of the DAX index can be followed with convenient graphical tools from a number of sources, including Deutsche Boerse, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, etc.

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List of the 30 largest companies in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange by market capitalization

365体育登录To help you learn more about German corporations, the 30 components of the DAX index, which are also the largest companies in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, are listed hereafter. Each company is presented in detail, with its main sector, operations, a direct link to its website, market capitalization, logo and stock symbol.

365体育登录Companies are ranked by market capitalization in Euros, as of the effective close of Thursday, April 11, 2019.

Quick links to the 30 largest publicly listed companies of Germany in the DAX index

To ease your browsing in this long list, here are quick links to go directly to the details of any of the top 30 German companies, components of the DAX index.

– Market Cap.: € 7.93 Billion – Stock symbol: TKA

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 9.82 Billion – Stock symbol: 1COV

– Market Cap.: € 10.23 Billion – Stock symbol: LHA

27. Merck

Merck logo365体育登录Sector: Pharmaceuticals

The Merck Group, commonly known as Merck, is a multinational pharmaceutical, chemical, and life sciences company. Founded in 1668, Merck has become one of the largest pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the world, providing a wide array of drugs for healthcare, especially for oncology and cardio-metabolic care. In chemistry, it is especially involved in pigments and liquid crystals, and its life science activities are focused on bioscience, lab solutions, and process solutions. Its American subsidiary Merck & Co., now one of the largest companies in the US365体育登录, was separated from Merck during the First World War.

Website: – Market Cap.: € 12.80 Billion – Stock symbol: MRK

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 13.48 Billion – Stock symbol: WDI

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 13.96 Billion – Stock symbol: HEI

 – Market Cap.: € 14.60 Billion – Stock symbol: RWE

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 15.41 Billion – Stock symbol: DBK

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 21.80 Billion – Stock symbol: DB1

– Market Cap.: € 22.07 Billion – Stock symbol: EOAN

20. Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care logo365体育登录Sector: Healthcare

Fresenius Medical Care is a medical supplies company, particularly focused on renal dialysis. It provides a range of products to tackle kidney failure such as dialysis machines, dialyzers, and related disposables. Fresenius Medical Care is 30% owned by the German healthcare company Fresenius Group.

Website: – Market Cap.: € 22.80 Billion – Stock symbol: FME

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 22.82 Billion – Stock symbol: IFX

 – Market Cap.: € 23.34 Billion – Stock symbol: VNA

– Market Cap.: € 24.08 Billion – Stock symbol: BEI

16. Fresenius

Fresenius logoSector: Healthcare

Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA is a company dedicated to healthcare. Also known as the Fresenius Group, it is primarily conducting its activities through four divisions: it owns 30.8% of Fresenius Medical Care, operates hospitals with Fresenius Helios, provides drugs, clinical nutrition products, and medical devices with Fresenius Kabi, and it develops and manages healthcare facilities through Fresenius Vamed.

365体育登录Website: – Market Cap.: € 28.62 Billion – Stock symbol: FRE

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 30.07 Billion – Stock symbol: CON

– Market Cap.: € 31.99 Billion – Stock symbol: MUV2

– Market Cap.: € 36.99 Billion – Stock symbol: HEN3

– Market Cap.: € 37.18 Billion – Stock symbol: DPW

– Market Cap.: € 45.25 Billion – Stock symbol: ADS

– Market Cap.: € 47.86 Billion – Stock symbol: BMW

– Market Cap.: € 56.88 Billion – Stock symbol: BAYN

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 59.12 Billion – Stock symbol: DAI

365体育登录 – Market Cap.: € 63.90 Billion – Stock symbol: BAS

– Market Cap.: € 70.45 Billion – Stock symbol: DTE

– Market Cap.: € 76.64 Billion – Stock symbol: VOW3

– Market Cap.: € 87.13 Billion – Stock symbol: SIE

– Market Cap.: € 88.29 Billion – Stock symbol: ALV

– Market Cap.: € 88.70 Billion – Stock symbol: LIN

– Market Cap.: € 122.73 Billion – Stock symbol: SAP

Here are the 30 largest German public companies on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Do you think they are worth their market capitalization? Are their stocks a good investment right now? Do they have too much economic power… and maybe political power too?

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