Founded in Cologne in 1898, RIMOWA has become one of the quintessential houses for prestigious luggage, renowned for its iconic design and its pursuit of excellence. An industry benchmark for German craftmanship and innovation, RIMOWA constantly strives to inspire sophisticated travellers to discover new horizons.

Creation date: 1898
CEO: Dieter Morszeck and Alexandre Arnault
Head office: Richard-Byrd-Str. 13, 50829 Cologne, Germany
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365体育登录It is not only the ambition to craft exceptional luggage but also the courage to question the status quo that lies at the heart of everything RIMOWA does. Since its founding by Paul Morszeck in 1898, RIMOWA has cultivated the pioneering spirit that is evident in every suitcase built. Inheriting his father’s visionary approach, it was Richard Morszeck who – inspired by the early days of aviation – discovered grooved aluminium as the ideal lightweight material for RIMOWA suitcases. A design classic was born. With the same ingenuity and courage as his father and grandfather, third generation owner Dieter Morszeck paved the way for RIMOWA’s global success. Thanks to his focus on state-of-the-art technology, uncompromising quality and timeless design, RIMOWA suitcases have become the global companion of choice for a sophisticated clientele. Today, with 3,000 employees worldwide, RIMOWA continues to combine craftmanship with precision technology and a commitment to courageous innovation, staying true to its heritage in today’s ever-changing world.

Historic advertisement, beginning of the 20th century © RIMOWA


365体育登录 At RIMOWA, we say aluminium has Persönlichkeit, or personality. As it ages, it evolves. It’s a material that reflects the character of those that use it, a record of a personal journey. Designed in Germany, our suitcases have recorded our life in Cologne. And although they’re made by our hands – with every dent, scratch, and sticker – they’re defined by yours.

© Christian Hagemann


Besides courage and curiosity, every pioneering idea is closely bound to its very own source of inspiration. At RIMOWA, it is the legendary JUNKERS F13 – the world’s first all-metal passenger aircraft. A symbol for a new era of travelling, constructed by visionary engineer Hugo Junkers in 1919.
365体育登录 It is not only the lightweight aluminium with its iconic groove design that inspired RIMOWA, but at the same time Hugo Junkers’ legacy of uniting people and nations that continues to shape the RIMOWA brand today.

The legendary JUNKERS F13, built by Hugo Junkers in 1919 and rebuilt by RIMOWA in 2016 © Gregor Kaluza

Key figures

  • 3 Production sites worldwide
  • 90 Average number of steps it takes to make a RIMOWA suitcase
  • 200 Average number of components assembled in a Rimowa suitcase

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